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Will the price eventually become lower? We still turn it of when leaving and at night. I am not one that typically like “touch” products because I have young kids in the home, but I have to admit if I were in the market for a new kitchen faucet, this one would be one one the list! Looked for loose connection. Regarding the comments from those people who are going through batteries too quickly, I think I know what the problem is: My wife came home and was all excited about the faucet. Touch the faucet to turn the water on then remove the batteries. I’ve been fighting the ghosting issue for years. The expected result: a faucet that turns on when you touch it with any part of your hand, and turns off just the same. When switching from hot to cold I find it turns off and then I tap it and nothing happens. After you remove the battery with the water flowing you can use the faucet as a normal faucet, turning the flow on and off with the handle. Any ideas? The problem seems to be getting worse with time. You know… like the remote control, or the dishwasher, or stain-resistant carpet. Any luck on a solution? If we could have the touch feature for the spout only and no sensors on the handle that would solve all our problems! Delta achieves this with a touch sensor embedded in the faucet housing, a solenoid valve inserted between the plumbing and the faucet, and four c-size batteries in a battery pack located under the sink. Have you had any other complaints about this or thoughts on what could be causing this? Many times you touch to turn the water on and it quickly goes on and off. No ghosting at all. An annoyance, nothing major. I hate to give up or give in!! for any faucet out of warranty. Thanks, Kit. I’ve had this faucet for about 2 years. I too was having problems with a very short battery life but that was minor compared to what happened about six weeks after the install. If you touch it again, the blue light goes off. I installed the touch 20 faucet less than a year ago and solenoid has completely failed. My faucet will not open the solenoid fully most of the time, even with fresh batteries. I have tried with two sets of fresh batteries and it makes no difference. I did check at Lowe’s and Home Depot, they just scratched their heads at the fittings (I took pictures of the fittings.). I just had the same thing happen this morning .The main line came off the wand above the solinoid. Makes me anxious it will occur again. I’d like to have a new solenoid sent to me. Reassemble and now the faucet is in true manual mode with no chance of the solenoid slowly moving into a close state. Homes With Appealing Kitchens Sell Faster, Delta Faucet Battery –, In the Garden (and Orchard, and Vineyard). Fortually my wife was sitting at the counter and heard water running and she immedetly shut the water off. Our reviews are objective and we are not compensated for a positive review. The nozzle comes with two settings, a standard aerated flow and a spray setting for more intensity. Fast foward another 2 weeks. After talking to an engineer friend of mine he figured it may have been due to shock loading the line. I hope Delta reads these comments and sees what a piece of junk this thing is! they finally fixed their problem!!!!! Shop All Delta Pilar Collection Products; The water running woke me up, but my kitchen was flooded, what if I had been on vacation for 10 days?? Had my faucet installed 1.5 years ago. So frustrating. No more stuttering, chuddering, or flow problems. Disappointed customer. I ordered the RP60090 bypass kit from Amazon and the lower clip won’t clip on the lower part of the bypass! Did anyone have a solution? Also, when you walk away from the sink/kitchen, try and remember to manually close the faucet. The new solenoid is amazing. Here’s the highlights: On/off control: The ToucH2O’s automatic on/off control is the centerpiece of the design. The water sometimes turns on and off rapidly when you touch it once. It incorporates two certified check Now, 3 days later, the faucet has started leaking through the spray nozzle after the faucet has been “touched” to the off position……as if the “touch shut-off valve” is leaking. But I’ll have to pay the plumber to pull the system out then pay them to put it back in. Probably partly due to this being a relatively innovative product. My five year old faucet is out of warrantee and has a dead or dying solenoid. My faucet has started acting up recently. I expect this will solve the problem. Every now and then a truly innovative technology comes along and makes life better. I have the same problem. Already installed one new solenoid and having another issue with the flow. The light problem has just occurred. Tired of messing with it by tapping it several times. With that done the faucet handle is the only thing controlling the flow. AND my friend also has had problems with hers. Now Delta is telling me the faucet was installed improperly! We are considering a Delta touch for a kitchen remodel. Attach the other end of the hose to the bottom of the solenoid by pushing it in place. How can I change temporarily to use manually?? I did not. including a stabilizer block for installations on stainless sinks. I happen to have a power plug under my sink so I am planning to buying a power supply that has a 9V battery connection and plug it in this way. Now we have low water pressure and a loud squealing noise when you turn the faucet on. 10.) In another generation or two it might be and I will revisit it. the batteries do not appear to power the solenoid (the part that enables flow) but only provide a voltage “reference” that it compares to your touch voltage. I don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling after talking to other plumbers at the supply house. This will still allow the faucet to adjust the flow, but touching it will not start and stop the water flow. Delta Faucet RP63654 Pilar: Solenoid Assembly - Pull-Down; Delta Faucet RP63654 Pilar: Solenoid Assembly - Pull-Down. When the solenoid (black box) is not connected, we have great water pressure and no noise. It took a little getting used to, but now I go to my friends and family’s homes and tap their faucets. I think that the batteries remain active when the faucet is off in “touch mode”, continually drawing the batteries charge. We contacted Delta and they sent us a replacement solenoid, but it nothing changed when we installed it. But it’s definitely staying for now! Due to the replacement cost, all I can do at this point is bypass the electronics as use as a standard faucet. Chirstine, see Dan’s comment below. It would go on and off like crazy like it was possessed at all times of the night, don’t know about during the day as we usually aren’t home often, but I checked the wiring harness, power supply etc etc and everything was fine. Still can’t get delta to correct the issue. The new wand is worse than the first and the water pulsates when flowing with less than adequate force. If you are doing a kitchen remodel, this is one faucet to add. The pressure problem started a few months ago. To other readers: if you want more detail on the steps to do this, see Bob Maxell’s post of April 12, 2012. We got this faucet in November, works great after figuring out the solenoid etc. I really prefer to install an a/c adapter on the touch 2 o faucet I just purchased. Turn on the water and you are set to go! I called Delta, and they want me to send photos so they can assess whether I need a new module. No other issues except from the beginning about the led. Read the installation manual. Ealing Vibrant Stainless 1-Handle Deck-Mount High-Arc Handle Kitchen Faucet (Deck Plate Included) Item #2517058. Any advise? You have done a great job with the photos makes it very easy for anyone to follow! The system is working ok. How can I get the blue light to return? We have had the same issue with both of our fauchets. ), I have had my delta touch for 4+ years and I love it. 2) Really hard to say. You don’t want to hear running water when you walk in the house after your vacation!! . We removed the batteries thinking that was the problem but it still happens. I like it a lot, except it turns on for no reason. Water usage also varies, even on bypass. Replacing these units is not a fun job and for anyone who must relay on a plumber it will be an expensive repair. Replacing the solenoid assembly is not fun because it is under the sink behind the garbage disposal and plumbing. Hi Kit. It leaks in BOTH the hot & cold position. Any ideas? Two black ones that attach to the main faucet and one red one that attaches to the flow control. These replacement parts were all sent to me under warranty from Delta. The red light started flashing and now is solid red. When our water is running full blast, we get a little jump in the line sound when turning it off. Problem solved! The faucet started making the rattling noise and only providing a trickle of water flow. I heard water running, checked and surprise the Delta poltergeist was hovering. I removed the three screws hold the metal bracket to the plastic housing. We now have the faucet on bypass…we have no touch feature but at least we have water that comes out of the faucet when we turn it on. Batteries seem to last about 2-3 weeks. Any suggestions? color-coding the hot and cold water lines to eliminate confusion. I have a Delta Pilar ToucH2O faucet that I installed about two months ago. More crap!!! Install check valves onto water supply lines. Swing the clips back and unhook the lines at each end. Clean up your daily #happimess with the Delta Touch 2.0 Kitchen Faucet. We just finished installing the Delta Touch faucet. I just purchased Delta Touch2o faucet based on this review. Can you please help me with this? But it does not work for one member of the family. 5) I’m not sure about the help desk, but Theresa (a commenter above) contacted Delta with good results. One's worked perfectly and one's never worked right. Delta Pilar Replacement Solenoid Assembly Model: RP63654. Is there a hard wired hook up option or are batteries the only option? Now – same problem came up but is worse. Does anyone know why that is? I removed the faucet and re-installed it and it seemed to be working just fine. (especially if there’s a babysitter in the house and you have to try to explain how to find the battery pack). Thanks in advance for any help. Touching the battery pack housing (not moving it, just touching it!) It took me over an hour to install, mainly due to removing and cleaning up the old faucet caulk marks left on the sink. What are you going to do with the two extra holes left in your sink? It didn’t work. Love it almost two months old. Even after switching to manual, the faucet worked for about 2 weeks, when the stuttering started again and now nothing. Leave your thoughts in the comments. One thing you can try is turn handle to off position then disconnect the battery pack for 1 minute and reconnect. Note: Follow the actual directions and install the batteries after the wire is attached. There was no need to disturb the white gasket-ed disc in the black plastic housing. Model #K-R28702-SD-VS. My conclusion, with the current design that is available, I would not buy it again. I have the same issue. . I think this system does not work as well as it should. Anyone else having this issue of BANGING NOISES WITH DELTA TOUCH 2O FAUCET. I pull the faucet down to spray, it turns off Disconnect batteries, disconnect 2 spade contacts, disconnect electronics module, and momentarily connecting the battery pack. The spout only activates when you touch and release (allowing you to move the spout without turning it on), whereas the valve turns on automatically at a touch. It shows you how to by-pass it. Turning it off at the handle negates the purpose of a touch faucet. 12.) Also, no way to “reset” the solenoid if it’s magnetic field gets out of whack.. I accept responsibility for losing the receipt, but since there is a lifetime warranty, I rate Delta Customer Service as extremely poor! We are also bypassing the Touch2o feature after spending $349 about a year and a half ago. We installed ours 7 months ago. I am running it this way and haven’t noticed any problems with this. What garbage. If you must have a plumber do the work your wallet will hurt. They sent me a newer style solenoid, as well as a replacement LED since mine never worked. It was a fight. I just started having this problem last week. I removed both the spring and the small black rubber bumper from the tip of the solenoid assembly. For best performance, metal countertops are not recommended for use with a Touch 2 O ® Technology faucet. Don’t buy this unit unless you think it’s so cool that you would be willing to buy a new one every 2-3 years. How much water usage does the new Delta faucet save on the annual water bill? This is noted in the user manual. If I touch the battery pack the water will turn on and off. Took about 2 minutes. turns the water on and off. It could be because they sat in the box for two years, or it could be karma for not following the directions. The issue is when we turn it on and off (with the spout) it sometimes makes a very rattling noise and barely any water comes out. I am seeing postings here dating back to 2009. Delta did not even try to troubleshoot. 8.) Then we had issues with it. Also for: 980t-sssd-dst series. First time, Delta replaced it at no cost and little hassle. Now , the faucet is “chuddering” — a rapid staccato flow that resounds throughout the house through the pipes. Ever since I installed this faucet at a customers house, there relief valve on the hot water tank keeps opening up and discharging on the floor.Have you heard of this before? Ultimately we ordered a new solenoid part online for $150 (yikes!). Isolated and not crossing anything or touching anything else. Therefore, connecting a power adapter to a faucet that uses only a battery pack will void the warranty.”. This is actually very easy to turn off. However, now I have a leak and it seems to be coming from the handle and water is constantly pooled at the base of the faucet. Getting service via warrenty is a joke. It looks awesome but I can see running out of batteries quickly! The Delta Touch20 works well but there is a loud knock on shut off This bothersome. Bypassing the touch capability to use the faucet as a normal faucet is easy. Just get the electronic power adapter to plug in below the sink, just like you plug in your garbage disposal. Six year old faucet recently has problems with low flow, loud chattering clunking sound, have to keep tapping tapping tapping then suddenly flow comes back to normal, noise stops. So my Touch (donated by the awesome folks at Delta) sat forlornly in its box, collecting dust, waiting for the day when I would unexpectedly buy a house while sitting in a bar. For Current Situation Water Saving Devices are must needed to conserve water for next generation, As a plumber in the industry, I purchased a delta touch kitchen faucet. Would love for it to work properly. If you have raw chicken or something on your hands it’s great. I was worried it might leak, but Delta does a good job with its gaskets and seal. Have you tried Delta’s ToucH2O Faucet? When you touch to shut off the water it stops the water but the sprayer hose get pushed for 1/2 inch which pushes the black box at the bottom of the sink and hits the cabinet wall. I am perplexed about the touch control NOT WORKING! Has anyone come across a similar situation with the Touch2O? We have this faucet and we hate it. We just installed it and we have the following problem. Then, it’s moment of truth time, turn the water on at the supply lines. It’s stopped working altogether. Yes! I saw multiple on-line references to no blue light (to include this website) with no responses. Touching the batteries will turn the water on and off the same as touching the faucet so be aware of that and remove the batteries while the water is running. My system has failed I would just like to bypass the solenoid to get water in my kitchen. Once I had the solenoid removed, I opened it up (3 philips screws) and checked for calcium build up or any kind of blockage. If I am not around and had the drain plug in the sink, my kitchen might flood. Same issues as Forrest above. I don’t want to do that, I just want it to work. Just wondering – can the faucet work as a regular faucet until you get around to replacing the batteries? Now it runs very low pressure with an accompanying pulsating sound, kind of a chugging noise, moist of the time. Anybody else running into consistent problems with the solenoid unit? The manufactured date for mine was July of 2010. Read on to learn more about the technology and get our take on Delta’s latest and greatest invention. Just experienced this problem. I’ve had intermittent issues with the flow turning down but it has been minimal until the past month. it doesn’t happen when it’s super slow or super fast, but at every flow setting in between. Also this is the one spot where I chose to use teflon tape. It now turns off unexpectedly and at times we can’t get it to turn back on. However, the opinions below represent what we think is a significant set of issues that may give the average consumer pause about this faucet. It is not worth the extra money because the technology is terrible flawed. Though the new one still has a slight overspray, it’s barely noticeable. Now we are six months after replacing the unit and it’s locked up again; a trickle of water for a few seconds and the sink vibrates and sounds like a jackhammer as the water comes out in dots. It was infinitely more difficult to remove the old faucet (there was a hammer involved) than to install the new one. Mark, It works fine other than only one issue. I enjoy your web page!). They had me put styrofoam around all the wires/metal parts to reduce false-triggers but it didn’t help too much. Turning the faucet off at the handle will not extend battery life. (While you won’t find updates on social media, you can sign up to receive new posts via email, invited to visit the Delta Faucet Headquarters with a bunch of awesome bloggers, totally having one of these Delta Touch2O faucets, unexpectedly buy a house while sitting in a bar, Vive la Cuisine! This did take care of the problem, but seemed to be a design flaw that with repeated on/off the solenoid and/or internal magnet will “freeze” so that it won’t release when it’s supposed to. I didn’t check the what the blinking lights meant….I didn’t even notice those. I haven’t had an issue since! Brian: my solenoid just started “shuddering” and automatically adjusting the volume flow. IT WORKED!!!!!! They are both white, if you are trying to connect white and black ends, you did not remove the last clip connector. My delta tap is not working. Thank you. I have also seen it start oscillating on and off while I am cleaning a pan. I’ve had to change the batteries twice in all that time and If it ends up dying on me I will be buying another one. We still have the “rapid-fire water-hammer”. I sure would like to know the solution. Delta is sending me a new solenoid . No replies to 3 emails. Hope you can help fix this. We’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now, and save for a battery issue (mentioned above) it has been doing great. (It’s not that bad.) We still have the chuddering when we turn the water on. Today, 10-11-2012, I installed my second replacement solenoid assembly. If you still have the receipt, I would suggest contacting Delta for warranty support. Why? We still like the overall faucet but I would not have purchased one with touch capability today. I agree that it did take me about a day to get use to the nuances of it, but it didn’t take long for the right habits to set in. Next I would check all the connections and make sure they are tight. I am frustrated with the inconsistency of the on and off touch technology, the flow of the water, and so is the rest of my family. This is encouraging, the new replacement units may provide a trouble free experience. Sometimes I turn the handle and nothing would happen, but usually it came back. My husband did some research onlne and found others have had the same problem, one causing $12000 in water damage. Finally got hold of Andray and he sent me a new led base,gasket,and isolation plate. I know the red led means hot, but when it stays red no matter the water temp, it’s not correct. He thinks it may be a grounding issue. I put in a Delta Pilar faucet about 7 months ago and didn’t have any problems. – When removing the solenoid and control box, remove gold retaining clip, and the two black flip-back clips. No. The water flow on my Delta touch faucet dramatically decreased this morning, was working normally this morning and then - Answered by a verified Plumber. After being on hold for a few minutes the service man said that because we were in Canada he couldnt send it, we would have to contact Delta Canada. Based on comments here, I’m going to try disconnecting the battery pack for a couple of hours to see if it resets. So, based on that, I’m very satisified with my faucet. – no change. This was installed by a licensed plumber who warned me at the time that we would have problems because he had installed others for people who had complaints. Maybe my husband could join Bob V. for yoga before I go through the trouble of disconnecting the electronics. I will never ever purchase another delta product. Just cut them if you don’t think you’ll ever go back and try it again. Ahhh. there was a period of time that the solenoids were defective. The issue I’m having is that there is a leak coming from the connection between the hose connector and the solenoid connector (the top connector). . Some people say that you can take apart the solenoid / valve assembly and clean it, and it will work better for a while. We moved into a new house last summer that has the touch faucet installed. The Delta RP63654 has been discontinued ** See similar or replacement items below ** Delta RP63654 Pilar Part Close. don’t steal my shit, or i’ll hit you with my hammer. For this reason alone I’d only install Delta faucets. It’s a much smaller unit, and it makes it much easier to distribute the wiring to prevent touching and erratic behavior. Over the past 6 months of having it our hot water heater seems to run out very quickly. A … Here it is, 10 years later, and customers are still complaining about the same issues! I wish I had seen this thread before my new kitchen reno. I have had “ghosting” problems ever since with the faucet coming on randomly when ceiling fans are turned either off or on in various rooms of my house, even though these fans are on different circuits than the one the faucet is plugged into. Walk away as the sink is filling to do other things and the darn water turns off, on, off, on when nobody is anywhere near the sink. Awoke at 2 am with my kitchen flooding. You won’t find any algorithms here, or feeds, or ads, or social media. Have had this unit for less than 2 years. Absolutely love this faucet, and it has worked fabulously for 3 years. Water takes the path of least resistance. I’m extremely frustrated at this point. My Addison Touch2O DELTA (9192T-AR-DST) solenoid died after 3 years of use. yeah same thing happened to me.. after 3 weeks the touch feature started to malfunction and would not turn on after continuing to touch the faucet although the blue light was illuminated. Not very happy about that at all since the solenoid part costs $266 to replace and that doesn’t include labor. Sometimes when I touch the faucet I get the blue light but no water and sometimes it works just fine. What garbage Delta is making these days. Ry – I did the same as you (removed the magnetic solenoid cylinder and the spring), reassembled the unit and reinstalled it back into the water line. My Delta Touch Kitchen faucet is about 2 years old and has always worked perfectly !!!! We haven’t had any problem with ours and it’s been 11 days now… I’ll update this post if we have an issue – but I might contact Delta and ask them what’s up. Will replacing stupid plastic part every year as preventative measure help? Usually a good cleaning and making sure the wires aren’t touching fixes this for us (in fact, it always has). I have had my faucet for over 5 yrs, so a warranty claim was out. – Delta Faucets always break on Saturday evening, after business hours. Delta should RECALL this non-production ready faucet. SOmetimes we even have a “phantom” turn on! mine comes on itself too. Home Depot’s site says this faucet has a lifetime warranty, the fact is that it has a 5 year warranty. You can find the faucet at your local Lowes, Home Depot, and many online retailers. This is a silly gimmick . Will the screen inside the faucet have to be replaced if it rusts out?? I think the DST at the end is for “Dumb Stupid Thing”. I feel that it is not quite there yet. There’s no fighting with hoses or water pressure, it just goes nicely back into place when you’re done. One second we have water then next time we tap on the faucet, 5 seconds or 5 minutes later…NOTHING! I’m frustrated and exhausted with trying to find answers. I can’t detect any change in the replacement parts, newer revision number etc.

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