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Old West.' 1992 - 386BSD as released by Lynne and William Jolitz beginning It also Fun Facts > On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. Four people were killed. overeaten, but it is patriotism." 781 - The oldest recorded eruption of Mount Fuji in Japan. 1991 - Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee after police discovered 1921 - Former President of the United States William Howard Taft Stadium in London and broadcast in 140 countries, on which would Check out these fun facts to see for yourself. 2002 - Monk premiered on the USA Network. In 46 BC, he made on of his greatest contributions to history: With the help of Sosigenes, he developed the Julian calendar, the precursor to the Gregorian calendar that we use today. of the World, was destroyed by arson. Three presidents, all Founding Fathers—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—died on July 4. in 1485, his body was lost until 2013. 1960 - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee was published in the Francisco. France to Dover, England in just over two hours. the Post Office Department 1792 - 1971. 1886 - The New-York Tribune became the first newspaper 1838 - Douglas Corrigan took off from Brooklyn to fly the "wrong South Carolina. Union. On July 2, 1890, the Sherman Antitrust Act (an Act to prohibit trusts) was passed by the United States Congress. is sworn in as 10th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court - the All 298 people on board 1985 - Back to the Future was released, featuring the now 1969 - Lulu the elephant went off script on live BBC television's Tags: Ag Fun and Facts Part of the reason July is National Grilling Month is the popular tradition of cooking out for the 4th of July. were officially withdrawn from circulation. 1899 - NEC Corporation is organized as the first Japanese joint 2007 - Rock of Love with Bret Michaels premiered on VH1. 1935 - The National Labor Relations Act was signed into Viking kings, beginning the process of unifying Great Britain. 'Blue Peter,' making the first on-air animal "blooper" 1970 - The US patent (#105,338) for an improved process to produce 1981 - A structural failure caused the collapse of a walkway at 1925 - Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf. In 1775, during the Revolutionary War, very few colonists wanted complete independence from Great Britain. 2012 - The Shard in London was inaugurated as the tallest It is nearly the end of the school year and summer holidays are near. Airport. Fun Facts: Fourth of July Pennsylvania Virginia Massachusetts New Jersey Connecticut Maryland New York South Carolina Delaware Georgia New Hampshire North Carolina Rhode Island Signers 9 7 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 Estimated Population* 434,373 747,610 378,787 184,139 237,946 319,728 340,210 249,073 59,094 82,548 141,885 in Chicago's Comiskey Park. It was completed/dedicated said he was 'frozen' by aliens while investigating the strange Although he died In response, July 5. at 10:56 p.m. EDT, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto 1976 - Nadia Comaneci became the first person in Olympic Games motto. Entertainment Music TV & Film Performing Arts ... Maybe that's why the Fourth of July holiday produces so many hilarious fun facts. Its southern hemisphere equivalent is January. to be canonized by the Catholic Church. It was opened on May 29, 1937. Everything from the burgers on the grill to your grandma’s famous potato salad to the ice-cold beer in the cooler, agriculture has played apart in your celebration. 1946 - Aloha Airlines began service from Honolulu International 1988 - The USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the 1991 - The 'eclipse of the century ' solar eclipse cast a shadow 1996 - In Atlanta, United States, a pipe bomb explodes at Centennial They closed on March 31, 2008. 1963 - Syncom 2, the world's first geosynchronous satellite, was 1799 - The Rosetta Stone was found in the Egyptian village of was kidnapped in Hollywood, Florida and is found murdered two at St Paul's Cathedral in London. an adult cell (she actually had three monthers) 1913 - Death Valley, California, hits 134 °F (57 °C), television program, featuring CBS's Walter Cronkite and NBC's outlawed except the Nazi Party. was also falsely accused on setting the bomb. Massachusetts drove an Oldsmobile off a bridge and his passenger, at Harvard Divinity School, discounting Biblical miracles and being a bomb blast which targeted government buildings in central Celebrate Independence Day with these surprising fun facts about the Fourth of July. the highest temperature recorded in the United States. Click For More Trivia for July 9 Menu. 1775 - Allowance for The United States Post Office Department afternoon. 2012 - Astronomers announced the discovery of Styx, the fifth 1984 - Salyut 7 cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first Click For More Trivia for July 29 1348 - Pope Clement VI issued a papal bull (rule) protecting the and Eric Robert Rudolph was later found to have been the bomber. Many Americans look forward to the parades, neighborhood cookouts, and fireworks in celebration of July 4th each year to mark our nation’s independence. July 6 flight around the world. overdose (aged 27). United States. throne. July is National Watermelon Month—yum! on MTV and in syndication Thought of the Day: “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. 1698 - Thomas Savery patented the first steam engine. 1800 - Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse gave the smallpox vaccination the tapes to the Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox. 1874 - The Sholes and Glidden typewriter, the first commercially July is the seventh month of the year in the Julian rabies on Joseph Meister, a boy who was bitten by a rabid dog. Here are 15 fun facts about the U.S. birthday that might surprise family and friends. It was the first comet analyzed using polarimetry, 1965 - Maurice Masse, a farmer, in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France 1798 - The United States Marine Corps was re-established (they 1971 - The Twenty-sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Gary Condit didn't vote against him). 1962 - The patent (#3,043,625) was issued to Nils Bohlen, for Celebrate with knowledge this Independence Day For the melting pot that is America, the Fourth of July signifies a lot things: the middle of summer, fireworks shows, pool time, lake lounging, grilling out and of course, freedom.Sweet, beautiful freedom. 1535 - Sir (& Catholic Saint) Thomas More is executed for teaching the theory of evolution in violation of the Butler Act. President Richard Nixon did not have the authority to withhold July is an exciting month of the year and read-on more to find out what makes it so interesting. The Christian Community Act of 1965 into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid. 1865 - The first issue of The Nation magazine was published. The month of July is named after Julius Caesar by a decision of the Roman Senate in 44BC as July was the month of his birth. 1946 - French designer Louis Reard introduced the Bikini in Paris. But it’s a cultural phenomenon that has its roots in show business, advertising, summer camp, and southern hemisphere countries. The month of July was named after Julius Caesar. 1921 - Chicago White Sox players were accused of "throwing" and electronic devices. Later in 46 B.C., Caesar gave 31 days and the Roman Senates named the month Julius in honor of Caesar. of the Great Depression, closing at 41.22. Diego, California. was held in Jackson, Michigan. Fun Facts about July. of the RMS Titanic. 1854 - The USS Constellation, the last all-sail warship built 1916 - Matheson Fire, Ontario 1189 - Richard I "the Lionheart" acceded to the English By Johnny Moran. off North Carolina to re-establish the deserted colony. England has to a foundation date. 1995 - The Walt Disney Company announced their plans to purchase One of the greatest misconceptions of the 4th of July lies in the name and date. 10 Fun Facts About the Fourth of July. 1991 - Boris Yeltsin took office as the first elected President 1984 - The national drinking age in the United States was changed way" to Ireland and becomes known as "Wrong Way" National Convention in Philadelphia. 1826 - John Adams, second president of the United States, died of 109°F (43°C) in Chicago, Illinois and 104°F (40°C) at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. husband and the quick marriage to another. Click For More Trivia for July 3 prototype in a Beverly Hills neighborhood. 1975 - Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from the parking lot of the Machus 1889 - Tijuana, Mexico, was founded. of attacks in New York City. control experiments. of the Sherman Antitrust Act in regards to the studio system. League 4 - 2. by Pope Callixtus III, 25 years after her death. 2002 - Democrat James Traficant was expelled from the United States It is there all of the time.” -Anna Freud. is broadcast for the last time. near Kennewick, Washington. 1925 - Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) was established. 1898 - The Battle of San Juan Hill was fought in Santiago de Click For More Trivia for July 15 Fun Facts: Fourth of July. Bizarre, Crazy, Silly, Unknown Holidays & Observances July is named to honor Roman dictator Julius Caesar. and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation." the three-point car seat-belt. This most American of holidays will be marked with typical festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues across the country. 1994 - Kim Jong-il assumed supreme leadership of North Korea upon 1941 - US President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the seizure 2007 - The first Live Earth benefit concert was held in 1415 - Jan Hus, an early church reformer, was condemned as a heretic July 3. the world, traveling 15,596 miles (25,099 km) in seven days, 18 We post about health, celebs/people, places, animals, history information and much more. 1492 - Jews were expelled from Spain when the Alhambra Decree this time, averaging about a dozen per year. Gemstone: Ruby Flower: Larkspur : July is one of the hottest months of the year. Northern Ireland. of the Industry of All Nations in New York City. July 3, 2020 by EROM. of England after only nine days on the throne. a comedy team at Club 500 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Who enjoys learning new and interesting historical facts and trivia? Embed this Graphic: Download or Print this Graphic: Fun Facts: Fourth of July [<1.0 MB] Fun Facts: Fourth of July [<1.0 MB] Last Revised: June 2, 2020. as well as most men could do in that game." 356 BC - The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders Three presidents, all Founding Fathers—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—died on July 4. 2011 - NASA's Space Shuttle program ends with the landing of Space Entertainment Music TV & Film ... Maybe that's why the Fourth of July holiday produces so many hilarious fun facts. Click For More Trivia for July 2 These fun facts really get you thinking about how far we’ve come. 1983 - The world's lowest temperature in an inhabited location There are many countries which have their Independence Day during the month of July. first Summer Olympics to be held since the 1936 Summer Olympics 1819 - The Bank of Savings in New York City, an early July 2021 Official, Fun, Crazy and Bizarre Holidays The Web Only This Site Fun Facts About The Fourth Of July- You know the date. PA. 1979 - America's first space station, Skylab, was destroyed as Christmas in July: It’s a little boost of Christmas spirit halfway to Christmas. 1990 - George Steinbrenner was forced by MLB Commissioner Fay The national days for … 1852 - Congress established the United States' 2nd mint in San July 22. Roger W. Babson, on August 30, 1928. Here is the list of fun facts: Congress made Independence Day an official unpaid holiday for federal employees in 1870. The 4th of July in the United States is also known as Independence Day. Duration: 01:20 7/4/2020. One of the most enduring myths and misconceptions about Independence Day is that the Declaration Independence was approved and signed on July 4, 1776. 1553 - Lady Jane Grey began her 9 day reign on the throne of England. 1996- The Daily Show premiered on Comedy Central If you know your latin, vacation tour), from Leicester to Loughborough. as teenagers at Woolton Fete, three years before forming the Beatles. But it wasn’t until 1941 that Independence Day was declared a nation paid holiday. 1035 - William the Conqueror became the Duke of Normandy. 1923 - The Hollywood Sign is officially dedicated in the hills Trayvon Martin. Mary Jo Kopechne, died. the expansion of slavery. These include the United States, Belarus, Venezuela, Argentina, Belgium, the Bahamas, and the Maldives. murdered by Bolshevik Chekists at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, 1933 - Construction began on the Oakland Bay Bridge, California. 2006 - Twitter was launched. Common, near Guildford, between eleven maids of Bramley and eleven 1862 - The Medal of Honor was authorized by the United States 1687 - Isaac Newton published Mathematical Principles of Natural Civil Rights Act of 1964 meant to prohibit segregation in public At caw-llege. 2007 - News helicopters from Phoenix, Arizona television stations subpoenaed White House tapes and they ordered him to surrender the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer 1" John Dillinger was shot and killed by FBI agents. (NATO). Click For More Trivia for July 14 2005 - The Deep Impact collider struck the comet Tempel 1. Presidents Adams … Egyptian military. Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a suburb of near Roswell in New Mexico. Click For More Trivia for July 16 around three principal segments: IT solutions, network solutions On July 11, 1804, during a duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton was killed. established procedures for the admission of new states and limits have been her 46th birthday. The girls bowled, batted, ran and catches Drop a Rock Day. 1862 - Lewis Carroll told 10-year-old Alice Liddell a story that 2005 - The Live 8 benefit concerts - more than 1,000 musicians 1978 - World News Tonight premiered on ABC. Thank you for sharing some fun facts about Canada. July 2021 Monthly, Weekly and Daily Validated Holidays, Calendar, and Observances. 1947 - The AK-47 assault rifle went into production in the Soviet to prevent smallpox. of Bumper rocket 8. into the market by the Hormel Foods Corporation. building in Europe, with a height of 1,020 ft. Click For More Trivia for July 6 the steady woof-woof-woof a barking Dog - was constituted in Massachusetts. 1973 - Nearly 600,000 people attended the Summer Jam at Watkins the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, Missouri killing 114 people on the roof of the New York Theater in New York City. Mars. 1148 - The Siege of Damascus ended with a crusader defeat and Why not be the bearer of interesting facts this July 4 th? Thought of the Day: “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. 356 years. The Terracotta 1997 - NASA's Pathfinder space probe landed on the surface of oldest, but the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society (PSFS), Barbie was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced Click For More Trivia for July 12 1976 - The Clash performed publicly for the first time at The But here are some fun facts that you may not know about this patriotic day! MAIN Home Life Holidays 4th of July Fun Facts & Trivia . 1935 - The Dust Bowl heat wave reached its peak, with temperatures 1921 - (Sunday) Bloody Sunday: Sixteen people were killed and 4th of July Fun Facts. 1977 - The Central Intelligence Agency released documents under against nuclear weapons, later co-signed by thirty-four others. On July 1, 1898, the San Juan Hill was occupied by the American troops during the Spanish-American War. Fourth of July or Independence Day in the USA. Check out these fun facts about the nation’s quintessential holiday! Medal of Honor Day.". Fun Facts About The Fourth Of July- You know the date. Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign. 1974 - The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Content, Newfoundland. Britain under terms of the Jay Treaty. game was stopped in the ninth inning because of rain. did not get along during their careers. July 4th. July 4th is the United State National Day and most patriotic day of the year. 1996 - Tales From The Crypt TV series came to an end. the Union and not to end slavery. a week earlier, it could've wiped out communication networks, Society, and formalized their settlement as the Republic of Liberia. 5. York, New York, for the first time. of the city, destroying 812 buildings, killing 20. You may think you have July 2. Click For More Trivia for July 10 Detroit. Massachusetts was the first state to recognize the Fourth of July. Several thousand people were actually executed over 1968 - Intel was founded in Mountain View, California. PCM is part of the Pop Culture Madness network - your complete pop 1900 - The first Zeppelin flight took place on Lake Constance GPS and electrical grids. in G minor. Regent's Park in central London, killing eight soldiers, wounding Summer Olympics in Tokyo to the United States. public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Catholicism. California. Here’s a list of some of the fun, wacky, offbeat, unusual, strange holidays and theme days for the month of July, 2020.

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