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Thank you ! It can also be found in whales and seals. I saw an ornament that used a sweet gum ball. The downside to growing a sweetgum tree is the seed pods. Birds, pigs and humans are the preferred hosts. Search “eliminate sweet gum balls” on You Tube: Grammie E, I am making Christmas ornaments for my grandkids. Free shipping on orders over $75. In spite of being side-swiped in the early 90’s by a teenage driver, this tree is very healthy, about 40 feet tall, and bears a tremendous amount of leaves and prickly balls, which I dutifully rake up every fall. I wondered about the edibility of the ‘beans’ and found little information. (she-KEE-mick) A shortage led folks to look elsewhere for shikimic acid, and they found it: In pine needles, and infertile Sweet Gum seeds. Found it today as I was looking for options regarding handling the annual dropping of my Gum Tree balls. I do not know about the Chinese gum tree. of seeds to 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 45 mL.) The tree grows best in areas with an average temperature of 60 ° F (15 ° C). i have some of these trees in my backyard. After that time, you may sow the seeds including the inert filler. Skip to main content. Just collect them and leave them outside until you are ready to plant them. Black walnuts are also spiny balls, very similar. I can’t wait to utilize these trees, or their fruit I should say! But after looking at the picture above, that’s definitely not the “fruit” that falls from the tree. Things like confusion and anxiety and that anaphylaxis is another possible side effect. I would like to buy some of fruit off a gum tree. once you prune one of these trees more will pop up all over the place,in fact 10 at once,happened on my property,i welcome them all,the more the merrier. Sweet Gum bark and  leaves have some but the highest concentration is in the infertile seeds. Can you use the brown seed pods for tincture or do they have to be green? Flowers in winter: Benthamii: Camden White ... short wide blue leaf, crimson young growth. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So certainly this would be one good approach when flu infection has occurred. The bark can be used to make a medicinal tea. Will wait till the winter and half of it will be gone. You would not be making an “antibiotic”, which is used to kill bacteria. Yes, you can use the wood to burn. (belgium the are rare) “Look again”, I said… Why do people still kill it instead of eat it? Hi there Here are four very close-up photos showing examples of Eucalyptus seed. Their fall color lasts much longer than most other trees. I live in Southwest Texas and I’d love to have some seeds. Reply. I have a tree in our back yard that has “fruit” that falls off looking like small potatoes. Later I read that the sap is a mild narcotic and we teased him about it. I live near a sweet gum forest in South Carolina, and enjoy the beautiful luna moths that it supports. 1980’s fletcher arrowflyte speed boat with trailer and working 75 HP skier outboard Boat has had new marine ply floor and Vinal Needs a clean. Thanks all for the comments. Do you think think leaves that are yellowish are a sign of needing iron.? I leave in Australia. Cut the bark. Once the trees mature, they tolerate occasional drought as well as periodic flooding. I got tired of rolling on the gumballs every time I was carrying in groceries. Does anyone know where I can find / buy sweet gum oil? A wet vac !!!! Water sweetgum trees regularly until they are well-established and growing. Sweet gum seeds are eaten by many species of birds, including goldfinch, purple finch, sparrows, mourning doves, wild turkey, northern bobwhite, and wood duck, as well as by squirrels and chipmunks. No its not to late I put mine i. We’re in NW FL; our property has an abundance of sweetgum trees. 4.5 out of 5 stars (5,109) 5,109 reviews $ 6.99 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Sweet Gum Tree Seed Pod, Witches Ball, Witches Burr, Alligator Wood, Qty of 50 CypressWoodsArt. When you put your house on the market just put some.nice hardwood mulch down, it will make the space look intentional. The tree can, like baldcypress, grow a grand basal trunk buttress. parasites. One arborist figured out a way to keep the trees but reduce gum balls by 70-90%; involves injecting tree with something. Native American Medicinal use of the Sweet Gum tree New battery New fuel lines and tank. Thinking ahead to marketing the house, the situation presents a bad first impression of our house. In spring - March to May depending on location - the sweet gum produces small, pale green flowers that develop into spherical, spiky seed pods that can create a problem if you like to enjoy … This is the first year I have noticed no gumballs!! Yet I’m reluctant to take the tree down without knowing for sure what’s going on. I made a sidewalk with a gradual arch to it. Find a seeds on Gumtree , the #1 site for classifieds ads in the UK. Although sweetgum trees are often planted as street trees, they have shallow roots that can lift sidewalks and curbs. The only edible part of the tree is the dried sap which makes a fragrant, bitter chewing gum. If you get a few plants, they will multiply quickly. I do know that the young saplings can come up by the hundreds from seed, naturally. The distinctive seed pods are one way to easily identify a sweet gum tree. Sweet gum seed pods, sometimes called gumballs, are spiny orbs produced from the clusters of small flowers that appear in spring. My mother has done that as well. The gum arabic tree is a low branching, small, and spiny tree, which grows up to 7-15 m in height with a girth of about 1.3 m (Kew Gardens, 2016; Duke, 1983). South Carolina is loaded with them ,I have 6. Leaves alternating, usually have five (but sometimes three or seven) sharply pointed palmate lobes. My wife insists that the tree is killing the grass and the tree has to go. Green or dried brown ones! Higher percent spirits would be even better…we have 153 proof (76.5%) available in Florida, and 180 proof (95%) is available in Georgia and some other states. Thanks in advance! Mature trees need very little care. This gum can become huge and sometimes exceed 100 feet in height. I have lived here in my house in Shillington, PA for a little over 8 years now. They have beautiful color in the fall; but, yes, the prickly balls that are produced are a problem. Sweet gum seeds are eaten by many species of birds, including goldfinch, purple finch, sparrows, mourning doves, wild turkey, northern bobwhite, and wood duck, as well as by squirrels and chipmunks. Our local plant people don’t seem to know what we need to do. Did you hurt its feelings? I add a little bit of diatomaceous earth to jars of such things, to kill any tiny trespassers with more legs than I have that I might have missed. Click or call (802) 363-1582 to place your order. Thanks. Gumtree. From shop UnderTheSunSeeds. Love the sweet gum tree for the shade and fall colors but do not like the balls. I tried the SPCA’s toxic & nontoxic lists and it wasn’t listed under sweet gum or liquid amber. Can anyone provide tips on the best practice for harvesting the gum? can you use the wood for burning in a fireplace?? makes a good fire wood–does not split well after it gets dried–pick the green balls-cut in half place in a quart canning jar cover with vodka let sit 2-6 weeks strain –use a dropper of tincture to a cup of hot water–the vodka will evaporate,sweeten with honey -enjoy your tea–good flu remedy–bird or swine–. Fast and free shipping on orders over $75. American sweetgum seeds are eaten by eastern goldfinches, purple finches, sparrows, mourning doves, northern bobwhites and wild turkeys. Lunas eat many types of leaves (birch, walnut, sumac, hickory and a few others), but mine really prefer hickory and sweet gum. Sweet Gum Tree be used in compost? I have seen websites dedicated to finding uses for the horrible spiny balls. Have found a few with spines on the “fruits”, one of which is a Buckeye Tree. Place your seeds 1 inch to 1 ½ inches below the soil surface. Birds, chipmunks, and squirrels love sweetgum trees, which provide them with food, shelter, and nesting sites. Ed. Sometimes the best Botanically the Sweet Gum is Liquidambar styraciflua. of seeds to 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 45 mL.) They make excellent lawn or shade trees in large landscapes. That would be the extent of our interest in the Sweet Gum if it were not for influenza. I just finished raking/hand gathering the balls for another year, so my try to use the wet vacuum that one person suggested. I reached your message when researching the best natural foods for Goldfinches. The flu is Virus, antibiotics are for bacterias not viruses. We cut them during the winter when they’re not leafed out, then inoculate them with sawdust spawn we usually get from Field & Forest in WI. The wood isn’t much good to use to build anything either. Crystalization of oseltamivir phosphate, the active ingredient in Tamiflu. The sap flows out then thickens. I put the seed pods around a shrub and it killed the shrub. Some.trees and plants areballelopathic and produce their own form of herbicide that keeps.other plantsbfrom growing nearby. I used to chew/eat the raw stems of the leaves of the Sweet Gum tree when I was a child. Their fall color lasts much longer than most other trees. ideas come from goofy suggestions. Susan, Are you crushng the green gum balls or leaving them whole? We recently had a problem with our septic system. Have I waited too late to harvest for tincture? I searched up for where the sweet gum tree is located generally and it didn’t say that at all in this article about the tree which I need the place for it and can’t find it anywhere and I had high hope for this website but I guess I was wrong sorry for thinking it would say its location on this website . My email is at the bottom of my web page: It’s best to plant them in maintained areas where you’ll be cleaning up the seed pods. It made a lovely Christmas decoration. Good idea or bad? So we have many animals that would thrive on your seeds. Summer shade and vibrant fall leaf color are merits of the sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua). The sticky or gummy sap of sweet gums serves a purpose for the tree. Praise it for all it has done. I hate these trees. Sweet gum trees (Liquidambar styraciflua) are a common sight in the eastern United States and in several Central American and southern Mexican regions. In comparison the mildly bitter Sweet Gum is definitely sweeter. The Uses for a Sweet Gum Tree. wide. With that being said, I too, have no explanation as to why there is no fruit on the tree. Bitter at first, but you get used to them. If I ever cook any again, I will change the water at least twice during the process, then rinse them again before reheating any leftovers! The flowers and roots are also edible and nutritious, from what I read. Sweet gum is a larval host plant for the beautiful luna moth. Mine tree..yes the Sweet Gum…Spiney’s hurt! I spice it up with lots of cinnamon and honey. Sweet gum balls are the seeds that fall from sweet gum trees. To reproduce the virus needs to break out of the cells it is in. Can the wood of this tree be used in post & beam construction? Most of the small, black seeds contained within the gumballs do not germinate, but are eaten by squirrels and birds. Sweet gum tree leaves have five to seven pointed lobes, and their shape will remind you of a star. The American sweetgum trees are classified as Liquidambar styraciflua according to plant taxonomy. It sounds like a paw paw tree if you’re still wondering from 2013. The manna gum tree is a species that is immediately identifiable by its bark, which comes off in strips. We have many, many sweet gum trees in the woods on our 10 acres. This year, nothing! If you have an outdoor fire pit or cook stove, they burn really well. They do not break down very easily. These seeds are often called porcupine balls because they are covered in small barbs. You might want to try only a drop to make sure no alegers. He said that the trees are putting out little low branches and that indicates stress. – Medicine for viral flu…(crushed green fruit) Sweetgum seeds are a favorite food for finches, mourning doves, bobwhites, and wild turkeys. Eucalyptus camaldulensis, commonly known as the river red gum, is a tree that is endemic to Australia.It has smooth white or cream-coloured bark, lance-shaped or curved adult leaves, flower buds in groups of seven or nine, white flowers and hemispherical fruit with the valves extending beyond the rim. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Most of the reviewers raved about how well it works on “gum balls”. For that reason, only the limbs small enough to cut to length for use in your fireplace are worthwhile. I beg to differ with you on black walnuts being “spiny balls.” I live in a grove of them, and they are about as spiny as a tennis ball. It is called Sweet Gum not because it is sweet. They are too much work and agrivation to keep them picked up or raked up. Suddenly a light came on as she realized the gumballs had rolled to the edges leaving the walkway clear. [5] Both of these can be distilled with water. This tree is an excellent pioneer species and fixes Nitrogen to the soil. It is an ingredient in Tamiflu, I have 2 apple trees and was reading reviews for a product called a Nut Wizard. So, the Sweet Gum tree allows us to have a renewable domestic source of the key ingredient of Tamiflu. They grow in almost any soil, from sandy to clay and from acid to slightly alkaline. *Side note: I have learned dandelion greens have more iron than spinach. When the leaves come back we will discuss it again. Yes, Hostas and Orange Stone Crop Sedum love it under my Sweet Gum tree. They drop an abundance of leaves that need raking, and gumballs fall from the tree over a period of months. I will definitely keep an eye out and give this a shot! thank you Please write back or email me for the answer, I replied earlier in the blog about the sweet gum and the black walnut. If you collect some for cooking, make sure there are no little insect holes in them before you store them. Mature leaves are 4 to 7 inches (10 to 18 cm.) so I finally made a sweetgum ball solution. Choose ones that have not yet opened since... 2. Do you know of any furniture manufacturers that purchase sweet gum trees? I have known them well since I was a kid, because they were the trees we avoided cutting up for firewood. Germination instructions are included with each seed packet. ENIVORNMENT: Prefers deep, moist bottomland and full sun. We discuss what it is atleast once a year and i keep telling him its a Sweetgum. When would be the best time for tapping sweet gums for their sap, and what type of equipment would be neccesary? The sap is too bitter to make wine from it. ), just found this paper (national institutes of health funded research): I have a 25 year old Sweet Gum in front of my house, planted by the developer in the tree belt. I recently saw a huge flock of crows eating something on the sidewalk beneath a row of winter sweet gum trees. Turns out, they are the seed pods from the sweetgum tree. The Fruitless Sweetgum tree is a great solution for having to deal with those prickly Sweetgum balls each year. How to Grow Sweetgum Trees From Seed 1. Nobody wanted them, we asked, so we burned them, year after year. How would one then clean and prepare the sap for chewing? There are 136 gum tree seeds for sale on Etsy, and they cost $6.58 on average. Well… anythime but the sap thickens so it’s not like maple sap per se, and the flavor is strong. The barbs are carried to new locations when they latch onto animals' fur. A product called Florel which is a Growth Regulator, is reported to work well… if you apply it at the right time. Our large sweet gum tree in Westfield NJ has faithfully dropped gumballs all over the neighborhood for each of the first 23 years we’ve lived here. It is also a valuable lumber. Green because it is easier to see the infertile seeds then. Propagation by seed occurs readily. Find seed spreader ads. Small mammals such as chipmunks, red squirrels and gray squirrels also enjoy the fruits and seeds. Learn how your comment data is processed. Also my tree has seeds like large grains of sand that blow around the yard but not every year. I have several in my yard and don’t want to burn them. Goats & sheep like to eat the leaves. Sprinkle a pinch of the seed/chaff over the surface of the mix. In some flu infections it is your body’s response to the flu that kills you rather than the flu directly. The pods are also difficult to collect unless you find a tree with low-hanging fruit, as it were. wide. I am not famikiar ifbSweetgum is or not. I was wondering if they would kill the plants they were put around? Press the surface of the mix lightly to make it smooth. Do you still have any that are available? WWF Testing Gum Tree Seed-Dropping Drones #drone #droneday The World Wildlife Fund aims to boost koala numbers by regenerating bushland, from Reuters : Gum tree leaves are koala’s main food source, and restoring bushland and forest habitat razed in the 2019-2020 fires is key to their long-term survival in New South Wales state. The gumballs cling to the tree throughout the winter and drop to the ground in the spring. Gum tree leaves are koala's main food source, and restoring bushland and forest habitat razed in the 2019-2020 fires is key to their long-term survival in New South Wales state. I am not a tree expert by any means. sweet gum tree dry seed pods - sweet gum tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. See more ideas about seed pods, sweet gum, tree seeds. I feel for you on slipping on the gumballs. I harvested the green pods today (July 12), and as i was trying to chop them, they are super tough, very fibrous and I can’t get a knife through them. Summer shade and vibrant fall leaf color are merits of the sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua). But, to the question: Is it possible to recycle sweet gum balls? Although I have been trying to find out what my tree is also. The sweet gum is not male or female. when i saw this peculiar spiked balls on the ground i picked them up Use the water hose. at a party. We are surrounded by many. I found them as eggs and have, so far, successfully reared them through their 3rd instar. I’m in southern Virgina. Can be heard r I also have honeylocust trees (Gleditsia triacanthos), another garbage tree, for their horrible thorns and big brown flat pods full of seeds that ALL GROW. Now every time I step on one I remember that day) . Baeuerlens Gum: Dipton-11: Susceptible to gum tree weevil: Barberi: Barbers Gum: Southland-8: Variable. Why does my tree about every 4-5 years has 0 seed pods , I mean none,, I’ve lived in my house almost 10 years,, and this is the seconded time this has happened…. At the edge, I usually put a ring of shade loving annuals, making sure to plant them in a high grade potting soil. See reply. You might be surprised to learn that most strains of the flu start out in birds. Can’t wait to gather good balls and try a tincture! Two more tidbits: The sap is still used to add flavor to smoking tobacco and is also available at the pharmacy as an ingredient in the “compound tincture of benzoin.”. Yes Sweet Gum can suffer from chlorosis – have that check out in your soil. i didn’t even knew the exact name so i started with maple fruits and clicked on this picture. 50 Seeds Toog tree BISCHOFIA javanica. For best results, you may want to start one from seed in the desired site or choose a young sapling where the taproot will be shorter. Label the pot with the name of the species and the date. With butter and salt they were tasty, but as they cool after cooking they generate a thick glue-like mass that really should be rinsed off, especially before reheating. See more ideas about seed pods, sweet gum, tree seeds. My husband’s uncle was visiting one day and said it was a sweet gum tree. The sweet gum is a large tree that often grows up to 100 feet tall. Buy Gum tree seeds online. Any recommendations on how to go about using this stuff? I don’t find the nutmeat to be bitter, but it has a definitely different flavor than mild English walnuts. Conveniently, pine needles are extremely high in Vitamins A and C! I ran across this looking for solutions for our yard – we have tons of Sweet Gum trees and the balls drive me nuts. It's known for emitting a strong lemon scent which can be used successfully as an insect repellent. Sweet gum tree leaves have five to seven pointed lobes, and their shape will remind you of a star. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Slashed to the cambium, sap will leak out and harden. email me. Offered is a packet of 200 seeds (includes chaff) with propagation notes. The autumn show continues into late fall and early winter, and these stately shade trees are worth planting just to enjoy this fall color. I read your blog there and what you have could possibly by a black walnut tree and not sweet gum. She also makes it clear that you can do your own research, another thing I respect. This listing is for 12 natural Sweet Gum Tree, seed pods like the ones shown in the photos This is a very interesting seed pod with nice spikes and a very durable formation similar to a pine cone and can be used in much the same way as pine cones are used in crafts The spikes are sharp but the beauty of this natural seed pod is well worth putting on a pair of gloves in order to work with them in comfort Personally I … The Black Gum tree is an excellent street tree in residential areas. Thanks for a great article! Pine needle tea is not good for pregnant or nursing women. NAA (napthalene ascidic acid) products will cause the immature balls to shrivle and fall. Google sweet gum USDA and you will get maps showing the range of the tree. Sweet Gums love slightly acid to acidic soils and won’t thrive, and will even sometimes die if they are in highly alkaline soils. dark green, glossy turning brilliant orange, red, and purple the autumn. Our tree and shrub seeds are carefully hand-selected for quality and packaged. Hi, I live in SC. There are safe ways to experiment with wild foods that I learned because I am so poor. Here are four very close-up photos showing examples of Eucalyptus seed. Does anyone know if that is true? “nothing”, she said. The Sweet Gum tree is the sand spur of the forest. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclaimer: Information contained on this website is strictly and categorically intended as a reference to be used in conjunction with experts in your area. The gumballs cling to the tree throughout the winter and drop to the ground in the spring. Actually, there are a few things, but I do not know if they are toxic or not. My Dad keeps calling the one growing in his front yard a Red Maple. The husk is relatively smooth until it rots with age and falls off the nut shell – and that SHELL is rough as any corncob and almost as hard as rock. Shop now for over 600 species of tree and shrub seeds. fun and less messy. Mar 30, 2015 - Explore Sandra Watson's board "Sweet Gum crafts" on Pinterest. Many people think of sweet gum balls as a nuisance, but they can be used to make many types of crafts. This is typical for sweet gum trees. Dampen the mixture, put in a zip-lock bag labeled and dated, and place in the refrigerator for four to six weeks. I have a new puppy and caught him chewing on seed ball. Nobody I have read have any suggestion can you tell me what to do with them when they fall from the tree please. yes – a medicine for the flu. These handsome trees have a pyramidal canopy when young that becomes rounded with age. It will burn when it is dry but it does not burn hot like oak or poplar for example. Page 2. – Chewing gum for the indians and prolly the pioneers (dried sap) James Duke, PhD, mentioned that the leaves contain similar chemical compounds to that of tea tree oil, and the resulting essential oil does have a similar aroma. Yes. I have recently purchased a house with a cluster of 3 Sweet Gums standing at about 80 feet, I am thinking I may need to have them cut down but unsure about how their root systems are. Hi, thanks for all your efforts in identifying these plants for us, so so helpful! Gum tree leaves are koala's main food source, and restoring bushland and forest habitat razed in the 2019-2020 fires is key to their long-term survival in New South Wales state. Because of the hazard they present and the potential to take root, you’ll want to keep them swept up. Always consult several sources eating our using unfamiliar plants. If that doesn’t work, Next year, about this time, you can come to AA county MD and take as many as you can rake. Anyone?? Even we herbalists can’t legally advise others to make or take tinctures, since we are not a recognized profession in the United States. Buy and sell items, cars, properties, and find or offer jobs in your area. The resulting gum can be chewed. Buy and sell items, cars, properties, and find or offer jobs in your area. The tree is deciduous, dropping its leaves during the dry season. IDENTIFICATION: Liquidambar styraciflua: A medium-sized to large tree, growing to 65-155 feet (20–35 m) with a trunk up to 6 feet (2 M) in diameter, can live to 400 years. Strain after about 6 weeks or never. The Sweet Gum tree is the sand spur of the forest. I only remember how painful it was and the embarrassment. love the shade in summer and the red colour in the fall. The downside to growing a sweetgum tree is the seed pods. . We also offer bulk quotations for quantities of 1 pound and above. The seeds and fruits are also favored by chipmunks, and squirrels. I found this fascinating when I realized. What would be the proper dosage of the solution? ( We had only been living in this house a couple of weeks and had not yet met anyone in our subdivision. To cold stratify eucalyptus tree seeds, mix together 1 teaspoon (5 mL.) I like english walnuts which are sweeter, black walnuts are bitter and not my cup of tea. The internet has made this very much safer, but it is still better to learn first hand from someone experienced. Take a bag of gumballs to art class and brainstorm. The vicious seed pods have impaled many a forager and has done much to ruin the Sweet Gums reputation. All Hi Fae, Their fall color lasts much longer than most other trees. It is called sweet gum because the other “gum” trees are more bitter. It does have medicinal uses, however. You don’t need to fertilize them every year, although they appreciate some general purpose fertilizer or compost every few years. I ordered option #2. plan to make tinctures from green sweet gum balls, worth a try for flu season! They root easily. Thanks. Mature leaves are 4 to 7 inches (10 to 18 cm.) I don’t see any wild life eating the seeds here in Quakertown, PA, and they hurt my feet when I try to walk across the lawn. I have 23 acres with lots of Sweetgum trees. I live in east Texas. In the wild it is found on high mountain ridges and cold mountain swamps. I like her because she is a small channel and very quick to answer any questions, even if it’s to say “I don’t know”. They balls are also used in crafts, and I have seen them dipped in metallic paint and used as ornaments.

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