is nottingham a good university

Wide range of clubs and societies to get involved with. Great university in every way! not much experience with careers service, but job page is regularly updated & it is easy to make an appointment with them, Great place to learn, the course that I am currently doing is hectic but the staff is very helpful. First off the accommodation and halls are great for freshers. The WiFi in my hall was insane - I could download a 2GB movie in about 1m30s. The campus facilities are pretty dated and there aren't many resources to go around. Nottingham’s first civic college was opened in 1881. There's so many events ran by the university and by the students union. The University of Nottingham has a beautiful campus, excellent staff and a vibrant student community. Great accomodation and teaching facilities a good distance from town. I had the opportunity to get involved with rowing very competitively for my first 2 years, then had many other sports to choose from when I left. Lots going on for a variety of interests. The University of Nottingham has 32,000 students and Nottingham Trent University has 25,000. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, so much green space and the lake is perfect to have a walk around after a stressful week. UoN's assessment and administration skills are absolutely shocking, with the length of time to mark and return assessment beyond a joke. Excellent campus and great help with careers advice. I was torn between 2 unis and I'm so glad I picked Nottingham, best choice I could have made! Very rich university with nice equipment. - both uni park and jubilee campus are modern and picturesque, halls and the little libraries dotted about are pretty Lived in Newark Hall for only two weeks as a first year student and they moved everyone out of the hall because of fire safety issues. Nottingham University has always produced the best set of highly resourceful and employable graduates and that has made its graduates a target of top firms for recruiting good employees. Only gripe is the distance between campus’ and to get to certain sports clubs (eg. Very good university. halls food a bit rubbish. Amazing campus with all the facilities you could want. Also, the hopper buses are un reliable and often too full. I am a big fan of Nottingham, great city, great course, great campus. There are many societies to choose from but you must choose wisely as some area more active than others. The facility are very considerable. The grounds are stunning on hot days and it’s the best choice I made city wise, Had an amazing first year notts is such a good night out and the campus is beautiful! The University of Nottingham professor said: “I only got a place at Nottingham because somebody cancelled. An amazing Uni, where everything is top notch. Lovely city, with nice scenery, good transport and nice centre. Great university, proud to tell people I study here! The campus is so beautiful, very green, which is important to me and has Wallaton Deer Hall next door which is very grand and pretty! I've made so many friends from halls. It's been interesting studying here. An extensive list of societies to choose from, of which offer at least one related activity a week. The TEF panel judged that the University delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. Nice uni in general except for the horrendous catered halls. The Wifi is very fast and can be accessed easily on all campuses and even on Hopper buses between campuses. Nottingham is a city. Love University of Nottingham!! Thank you notts for EVERYTHING, Really good uni Nottingham is home to not just one but two universities, meaning there is a large student property market. Lovely lovely university, would do it all over again if i could. The jubilee campus is modern and smaller so is more communal.There's a variety of clubs, but they can be expensive. 33,540 students are enrolled at the University of Nottingham: - 25,370 of these students come from the UK- 1,545 come from other EU countries- And 6,630 are students from non-EU countries. But this is only a good thing.” “Incredibly amazing. Nottingham is a welcoming city, being from London it feels like home in terms of how the city is constructed. The student union is a bit underwhelming and I’m not entirely sure what they’ve done! I absolutely love being a student at UoN, wouldn't change it for anything. University of Nottingham is a fantastic centre for further education. You won't regret studying at UoN. So many support staff and welfare officers to look after students. The internet is poor, sometimes it can take 10mins at the start of your lecture just to get online so you can load the powerpoint. Can’t fault it at all. It is mainly used for Business School and Language students (particularly Chinese language students). Nottingham Trent University is in the top 6% of universities in the world, ranking 71st in the United Kingdom and 896th globally. They lost one of my feedback coursework, they missed me off enrolment for my THESIS MODULE (I nearly missed the information about the proposal deadline and access to the form), and the change of module process is ridiculous, leading me to miss lectures. A fantastic university with great facilities. Theres a monitor of how full each floor is so you don't waste your time trying to find seats as there's other places to study. Best campus and employability service. UoN takes 300+ students (mostly mediocre) for the courses I mentioned above - how is UoN even comparable to the elite RGs? Clubs and societies are excellent, perfect way to socialise and make friends and make the most out of the uni experience. The recent Florence Boot issue and the way the university has encouraged silence around it fills me with rage and has royally spoiled the end of my second year. A lot of career opportunities including interviews, career talks, internships and many more! Discipline. Brilliant facilities (starbucks and all) plus the library cat! It’s also home to all sorts of wildlife. I don't understand how anyone can really give lower than 4 or 5* for clubs and societies, their is something for everyone and they are organised and manged very well. Mooch/The Den bars aren't particularly appealing, but the food is good and the atmosphere is always good. Teaching is also excellent and all the professors are very friendly and approachable. Nottingham is home to plenty of employers, and offers particularly good opportunities in areas such as life sciences, engineering, digital media, finance, business consulting, retail and leisure. I love UoN for so many reasons, the campuses are very beautiful and there is so much to do on campus. Love my uni only student services suck litro, beautiful campus, great balance of work life and social life. I have had the best time of my life at this university. I am a first year student and I really like the university. It was the first British university to establish a campus in Malaysia, in 2000, and the first foreign university to … As a international student.The Nottingham University provides me a standard apply way. Buildings that are on campus are not very attractive, in particular the ones in the science park area. The university programme will be run by competent staff members and its what you bring to the table that will make the experience worthwhile or not. I’m sooo in love with my uni: I could not possibly imagine better student experience. Nottingham is a great university that has a beautiful campus, amazing sports facilities, an intense mathematics course ect. Even within each school/ department, everyone is very involved and helpful. City is great addition to campus. Course is amazing and is always listening to student's feedback and then improving. #99. I like the new sports centre, it is fully equipped and a the facilities are new and good. However, don't be surprised if you are randomly forced to move halls 3 times in 2 days for no reason, if staff makes you waste your own money due to their incompetence, etc. The graduate outcomes for the University of Nottingham show that six months after leaving university, 98% of graduates are in work or further study. I love Notts. Ink and the union club are definitely on of the best nights out. Really decent Uni with the perfect work/play balance, good facilities, wifi available everywhere but can drop unexpectadly at times, Always something on and with the best campus in the country you're sure to enjoy your time here. It's only a short tram/bus ride from the city so it's easy just to pop in for a few bits, but far enough away so it doesn't seem too overwhelming. The University of Nottingham has two campuses; one Business campus and one main campus. The city contains everything you need to have a good time as well. Beautiful campus and great facilities. The city itself is very convient cheap travel and nights out are known here for being one of the best. Distance. The University of Nottingham is a Russell Group and Universitas 21 university with a global reputation for teaching and research, ranked in the world’s top 100 and UK top 20 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021.. Nottingham is really fun, the Hall setup is so social in first year and second year housing is great too. My department (Maths) provides outstanding support to students, in particular on their first year, to ensure smooth transaction from school to university. Lecturers and wonderful, modules too, lots of clubs to join and be part of. Graduate employment one of the best in the UK. Really good, halls could be advertised better and have self catered on campus, but the site is very good, Very nice campuses, a lot of support from staff, hundreds of societies to join, Great uni, beautiful campus and great atmosphere with students. Great place to study and even to involve in societies and clubs. Student services are on another level. Loads of clubs and societies on offer, as well as a giant student's union! There's always something going on which keeps it exciting. Campus is beautiful and all the services (finance, health, career etc) are so helpful and easily accessible. It’s a fantastic university and I have really enjoyed my time here. It’s such an amazing university with an incredible atmosphere and a is such a pleasure to study at. Facilities are full of useful resources and staff (on my course anyway) provide you and point you in the direction of lots of useful sources and literature. Fantastic uni with amazing facilities for my course, I have had nothing but a brilliant experience at the university of Nottingham. Unreasonably expensive however for those wishing to join sports societies. Nottingham University rocks. Eduroam doesn't go down anywhere near as often as the memes make out. The exchange programmes offered for the business school is also very minimal. They always ask you to send them emails but never really help resolve the issues. Glad to be a part of it. Nottingham Trent University students on Whatuni say: “The experience so far has been excellent, I feel that there is so much to immerse yourself in, that it can get overwhelming at times. My halls cost £210 per week. Nottingham Trent University is probably the best decision I have ever made. Being a campus university, the massive open spaces provides a constantly open space for you to explore, breathe and take a walk around. Uni. Also, please can we have a Greggs or Birds or something. Student accommodation is of an average standard, but was still liveable and made the best of friends there. There are many societies to take part in and the societies have a very large range- you can literally find a society for anything. Voted one of the most 'green' campuses in the UK Nottingham has so many beautiful places to discover, the gym is beyond amazing too! The halls was a little expensive for the quality of food you get but this was expected, the food could be a lot worse and some meals were nice. The food is diabolical and the rooms are tiny.

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