one lens for wedding photography

One lens for wedding photography. Macro adapter: Pop one of these to the 35mm and shoot rings and details, you loose light so use a tripod, but the pics will come out great. But it is not too bad either. The Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 is a wide-angle zoom. These include 2 ED elements, 1 Super ED element and 1 aspherical element. If you like this guide, then please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more free wedding photography tips and resources. Sony’s FE 85mm f/1.4 lens is definitely a show stopper. There are numerous lenses in the market for you to choose from, and our list contains all top of the line lenses for wedding photography. You can make environmental portraits or group shots with this lens. It’s the perfect partner to the Sony 24-70mm Lens we discussed above. The more portraits you capture for the couple will help you present your work beautifully in the photo albums. So it’s fair to say this lens is the best of the best. You will also need to shoot the groomsmen and bridesmaid. Canon’s Nifty Fifty is regarded as a cheap and fantastic first dip into the prime category of lenses because it gives you that depth of field that a fixed zoom lens … Fast primes lenses are certainly something to be desired by most, if not all, photographers. These Envira Gallery is a trademark of Envira Gallery, LLC. There is a slight bit of light fall-off at the corners when shot wide open. KIT 1 - Universal for Wedding Shooting In this kit, I recommend using a 35mm lens as the main one and use it about 60% of your working time. You can also recommend more ideas or let the couple decide what they need. In less bright conditions you will have to bump up your ISO to compensate for that. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, we certainly feel like the Sigma 28mm f/1.4 Art lens has a worthy place amongst the Sony lenses. This is a well-built lens. You can be sure you’re going to get some excellent macro shots with this lens. This lens has only one drawback, and it’s easily managed. 5 Wedding Photography Tips for Dealing With Unruly Wedding Guests. He has been writing about cameras and lenses for over 10 years now. It performs well consistently and will get you promising results no matter what. Beyond that lens diffraction sets in and it becomes less of an advantage to stop down the lens. Finally, the aperture diaphragm of the lens consists of 9 rounded blades which produce interesting out of focus effects. When it comes to auto-focussing, you only really have two camera bodies to test it on and the speed, in part boils down to the camera technology. However, this isn’t true. I am not one of those who recommends the 70 to 200 as a “must have Wedding Lens”. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. DxOMark rates this lens at 36 which is a testimony to its exceptional image quality. 50mm. If you’re looking for a lens that’s sharp across the board, and you have money to spare, you’ll definitely want to consider the 85mm lens. A fast f/1.4 aperture is ideal for subject to background separation, making for good background blur. PhotoWorkout is an online magazine reviewing and comparing the best photography gear, software, and photo prints. You may also want to check out our guide on how to get good wedding photography testimonials. We're glad you have chosen to leave a comment. The technology is new, which makes a big difference and Nikon have really improved their build quality. On a Sony e mount camera like the a6000, it’ll become a 142mm lens, also great for portrait photography. One website I read even called it the “ultimate wedding lens.” I HAD to have it. For a wedding photographer, these are key features. Whilst this isn’t a requirement for shooting portraits or group shots or landscape photos, it can be helpful for more discrete photography. If you choose to operate the manual focusing ring, it should feel smooth and well dampened. This wider angle lens will produce some impressive results, as long as you’re willing to work with it. Since Sony’s E-mount cameras use built-in image stabilization, the lens doesn’t come with image stabilization itself. Increased maximum magnification (0.21x) help expand the range of expression,... Superior resolving power and attractive bokeh, Fluorine Coating and Moisture-Resistant Construction. How fast is the auto-focusing of the lens? Which is probably one thing that will affect someone who often prefers to focus manually at infinity. Ideal for wedding photography because it covers the standard and group photo focal lengths. It let’s you see width and depth both. Another of the new Z mount lenses designed for Nikon’s Z mount camera systems, the 24-70mm f/2.8 S is a highly regarded new entry to the camera world. I certainly acknowledge that many Wedding Photographers make good use of that lens. Wedding photographers need to be able to quickly capture a variety of details and key moments throughout the wedding day. Updated on 2020-12-02. It will serve you well as a wedding photographer for portraits and some detail shots. This lens is really handy for capturing intimate moments from a long distance, without disturbing the couple. This lens is a pretty good all-rounder that will serve you well as a lens for wedding photography. The lens has three adjustable rings on the body. My two workhorse lens with which I photograph 90% of the wedding day, are the 24-70mm f2.8 and the 70-200mm f2.8 … the third body is the one I use to rotate any other lenses on. Most photographers use a 35mm prime lens or a zoom lens. The lens isn’t completely weatherproof, but it will manage the elements to a certain extent thanks to its weather-sealing. Especially, when the lens is set to f/1.4. Canon has provided Sub Wavelength coating. We also think this is one of the best lenses for emerging wedding photographers. You can almost see them as twin siblings, because, more often than not, if a photographer owns one, he will own the other, too. The wide-angle zoom is perfect for capturing group shots and gives you a little room to breathe with regards to fitting people in the frame. Closest Focusing Distance: 0.92 ft./0.28m. However, it is hard for you to capture large groups with a 35mm prime or even a zoom lens. The high-speed AF, thanks to the HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) with an updated algorithm, captures the perfect moment instantly. The price can be daunting, especially since Jasmine finds that she only uses it during the ceremony, so she recommends new photographers rent the lens. You need it to capture the entirety of the day. While the lens you pick may depend on your camera body and shooting preference, there are definitely some lenses which fare better than others. The maximum aperture is a perfect width to produce strong blur when it is needed. A 16-35mm wide zoom is quintessential when shooting wedding photos. While this lens isn’t going to fit every bill in your wedding photography ventures, it will do a top-notch job in its specialist area.

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