mountain lion proof chicken coop

We also have a pair of nesting red tailed hawks right out back, as well as eagles and osprey. Our most recent enclosure can be built for around $600 in 2016. If you have bears in the area you will need a more complicated lock than if you are only concerned about lions and/or coyotes. Thank you for the good information. Double check that there are no large openings around the frame. If you do not currently have a facility to house your animals safely, or fixing up an old structure would be more work than it's worth, consider building a new quick and easy lion-proof small livestock enclosure, such as the one MLF designed, over the weekend. They will be attracted to backyard chickens and to the rodents that are attracted to the chicken feed. Mountain Lion Foundation portals are gateways to knowledge about mountain lions including biology, behavior, safety, and threats to the species. Build predator proof chicken coop Foto Results Build predator proof chicken coop Predator-Proof Chick... Angie Moss 1-Chickens. Photo courtesy … I went a couple years owning chickens before I lost one to a predator, now I seem to have a serial killer raccoon, I’ve lost 3 hens in 3 weeks. If you see a mountain lion, don't run--that triggers its pounce reflex. Sadly, large predators such as bears, mountain lions and bobcats are difficult. This makes it difficult for predators to get in since their instinct is to dig at the base of the wall. We were backyard chicken owners before buying our acreage and our love of chickens was a strong consideration in jumping into our homesteading adventure. Thought they flew over chicken wire but then I found baby chicks mother dead and headless in the coop. No proof left behind until this morning I went to chicken coop and 1 rooster and 1 hen and baby chick were gone. Be sure to consider proper ventilation for the health of your animals, but be aware that predators can enter through large openings. Our new chicken coop will need to be black bear, mountain lion, bob cat and raccoon proof. Replace or reinforce any broken pieces. More fencing options. Happy chickens mean lots of eggs! So our fat chickens look like a free lunch, pretty much. Additionally, mountain lion prey carcasses serve as nutrient inputs for other mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and even regenerate soils. I often hear horror stories involving a racoon or a dog entering a chicken coop and massacring all the birds. A California sheriff's deputy snapped this photo of a mountain lion that temporarily trapped itself in a homeowner's chicken coop. In a 2 week period I have lost 12 hens and 2 roosters. Chicken Coop. Jan 30, 2016 - Mountain Lion Foundation portals are gateways to knowledge about mountain lions including biology, behavior, safety, and threats to the species. Mountain Lion Foundation portals are gateways to knowledge about mountain lions including biology, behavior, safety, and threats to the species. Any obstacle between a lion and your animals will make the lion more likely to avoid the hassle and find dinner elsewhere. ... so I thought I’d share what we did to predator-proof and make our chickens comfortable in their high-altitude environment! If you have a problem with coyotes or other animals that dig, create an apron around the perimeter by placing fencing material along the ground that extends out a few feet from the fence. In October something got into the chicken coop and ate all but two birds. Using a leash, walk with your dog around the chicken coop and chicken run. And then the woman told me about how she had built what she was sure was a coyote proof fence only to lose every last chicken to coyotes. A side planter adds an extra function to the Prevue Pet Products Prevue Pet Chicken Coop with Herb Planter 4701, allowing you to gather herbs along with freshly-laid eggs. If you have chickens, rodent proof your chicken coop with stainless steel wiring. This page is a portal to resources for keeping people, pets and livestock safe from mountain lions. Close off large gaps to keep your furry ones safe and dry inside. However, you can try to deter them with an electric fence and avoid leaving chicken feed in the coop or run overnight. The feeder stays inside the coop to help avoid attracting predators to the run.  Because of our cold temps and snow load, we have a heated waterer and we put sheets of plywood around the run in the winter to keep the snow out. Consider installing mesh or a screen over openings in the eves to keep out small rodents. A lot of folks have asked me about our setup, so I thought I’d share what we did to predator-proof and make our chickens comfortable in their high-altitude environment! I often hear horror stories involving a racoon or a dog entering a chicken coop and massacring all the birds. Once we got the main frame put together, we lined the floor of the coop with some linoleum scraps, to make it easy to clean.  We lined the inside of the coop with 1″ foam insulation and then put a layer of very thin plywood over the top, so the chickens wouldn’t peck out all the insulation, because chickens are smart like that.  I insulated the floor from the underside of the coop as well. But, big cats are not the only predator attacking chickens. There’s much debate out there about coop heaters.  Most folks say to avoid at all costs to prevent a coop fire.  You also don’t want your chickens to get acclimated to having a heater, because if it goes out they could all die.  We just felt having such a small flock, it’s too cold here in the winter.  We got a coop-safe panel heater that we keep on a timer.  It’s only on at night when it’s sub-zero, to prevent the chickens from getting too acclimated. The coop was going in the enclosed backyard, so it would be safe from the coyotes, mountain lion, bobcat…, but it still needed to be predator proof due … lists above, or explore some of the feature articles, audio and video that are highlighted as you scroll down the page. So if you've got some spare materials laying around like boards and chicken wire, get creative and make your animals that much more secure. Please contact local mountain lion expert, Dr. Quinton Martins, for advice on how to proceed: 707-721-6560 or ... Chicken Coops: There are many ways you can predator proof your chicken coop: Penned Chickens-For non-free range chickens the place to start is the ground. Above all, chicken feed should be stored away from the coop in metal lidded containers. For example, one ingenious man named Larry posted an idea on the BackYard Chickens forum about the method he discovered to protect his chicken coop: "Several years ago we had a serious problem with skunks, fox, and coyotes raiding the coops at night. A Sheridan County landowner on Friday shot a young mountain lion that had approached his chicken coop. 134. View @amountainhappyplace’s profile on Facebook, View mtnhappyplace’s profile on Instagram, Video Blog: Osprey Poco AG Premium Child Carrier, Raising Chickens: 8 Lessons from a First Time Chicken Owner. In addition, chicken keepers must predator-proof their coops. Whether chickens free-range or are primarily confined to the coop and run, protecting them from predators can be one of the most challenging aspects of backyard chicken-keeping. Mountain lions are very different from other large cats. After lots of research, we decided to build our own coop and run, to make it a bit beefier than the standard coop. That’s our Colorado mountain chicken coop!  So far, it’s worked awesome.  The chickens stay warm enough in the winter and are well protected.  So far, we haven’t seen any sign that predators have tried to get in, though our dog still stares longingly in the run. Lions can jump more than fifteen feet so a sturdy roof is mandatory to insure your livestock is safe. This helps get them used to the flock. PO Box 1896 | Sacramento, California | 95812 916-442-2666 | The Mountain Lion Foundation has designed and built three styles of lion-proof small livestock enclosures. What? If your barn or shed is built from wood, make sure all boards are in sturdy condition. A large Mountain Lion came by and checked out the chicken coop before heading on it way about 2:30AM. Predator proofing. Permanent Enclosure. The entrance should have a sturdy door that closes and latches. The walls of your enclosure should extend all the way to the ground, and ideally buried at least a foot. The best protection measure against mountain lions and other predators is to bring pets indoors at night, and place livestock into fully enclosed barns, pens, or sheds. Attach it to the fence, stake it down, and bury it 6 to 8 inches from the surface. Modifications can easily be made to fit your specific needs. In the winter, I plug the vents with foam pipe covers to keep the snow from blowing in.  We made the roof covering out of tin, instead of shingles, so the snow would slide off.  It works great in the winter! And then she got a great pyrenees dog and never lost a chicken to predators after that. There are some things you should know about securing your coop … “The mountain lion stayed in the chicken coop,” said Cmdr. Predator proofing. Construction plans with instructions and material list can be downloaded free. We have virtually every predator in Colorado in our backyard. Don’t allow Chickens to Roost Outside Chickens are … How to Build a Colorado Chicken Coop How to Build a Colorado Chicken Coop. Predator-Proof Your Coop. Low Cost Pen or Find out how... Why would killing a lion increase the risk of harm? Board up any openings that wild animals can fit through. The Mountain Lion Foundation is a tax-deductible non-profit organization, tax exempt under. After we built the coop, we started working on the run.  We are lucky enough to have a covered shed off the back of our barn, which made a perfect spot for our chicken run.  We used the beefy option of 1/4″ hardware cloth for the walls.  It turns out, chicken wire doesn’t do shit to keep predators out.  It only keeps the chickens IN.  Who knew?  We also dug hardware cloth under the ground about 2ft around the run, to prevent predators from trying to dig their way in.

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