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The tech may get confused, and you might end up paying for a ski tune that you did not need. end up to find yourself in a place or situation at the end of a process or period of time end up doing something I ended up doing all the work myself. While you may know that you want to ultimately end up with a beach theme or a Tuscan theme, you may not know where to begin. You'll end up with a great gift that is usable for years to come. You had to know someone connected and you had to be prepared for disappointment - something could often end up in the wrong size or color. I called Tom up. Your budget will help you to narrow your choices and ensure you end up with the best choice suitable for your décor. They 're functional and so deliberately unfussy and anonymous that even tho they 're intended go unnoticed, they end up drawing attention. 2. There is no easy answer and if youâre not careful, your guests will end up bidding on a worthless fake. 2. They ate so much that they ended up feeling ill for the rest of the day. However, if you choose stock purchases properly, you can still end up doing quite nicely for yourself. However, payments can end up being as low as $7.99 per month, if your balance is around $45. We invite you to get inspired on Sentence Club! is it a correct sentence : i ended up doing it late? It doesn't cost anything to create your own designs, and you're guaranteed to end up with unique cakes that you won't find anywhere else. Stand up! Lists that are made up of full sentences are easy to punctuate. When we ended up recoding much of the pages ourselves, the design remained intact with far simpler code. With these suggestions, you will be able to buy perfect children's accessories in the bright lime green color you could even end up loving. I never imagined we'd end up like this. Sometimes lucky parents get more than they bargained for and end up with a matching pair of twin newborns. bifocal spectacles you end up like a nodding donkey trying to focus on different parts of a screen! "End" This is a dead-end alley.This is never going to end. The two did end up reconciling, but in light of recent events, maybe they should not have. end up in a nursing. They may end up in a state of mind similar to paranoid psychosis, believing that others are plotting against them. And sometimes, you WILL end up accidentally looking like a pirate hooker, but it will be at someplace like your baby cousins bar mitzvah and all your great aunts will think that you are a woman of easy virtue). In the real world, smokers puff and inhale more intensively on lower yielding brands and end up getting the same dose. Even if you end up getting another card, you will want to keep this account open. I didn't know about your child. But that doesn't mean you won't have maybe four or five different punctures on a given nut, so you may end up with at least a hundred or more maggots in a shuck. You don't want to end up running to the mall having to settle on a dress because your dream one didn't make it in time. True or False: It is always incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition. That is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put; This is insubordination, up with which I will not put! If someone or something ends up somewhere, they eventually arrive there, usually by accident . Sometimes you'll end up with some great impromptu shots that result from your model playing around with a nearby object. [VERB PARTICLE preposition/adverb] She fled with her children, ending up in a shelter. I'll bet you a night of unbridled ecstasy against a week of doing dishes that they end up in the sack. I fear she 's going to end up a lonely spinster with only a cat by her side for company. When shopping for a crib, many parents end up buying convertible cribs. Practice: Meet the comma. Don't be mean with fabric, otherwise curtains will end up looking skimpy. When this option is available, in general it is better to get the rate instead of the rebate since you will end up saving more money in the long run. SentenceCheckup.com is an advanced Free online sentence checker, It can check for run-on sentence and fragment check. No matter the style of dress you choose, if it's in the wrong color, you'll end up looking ghastly rather than ravishing. I really think that you and your high school sweetheart will end up together. She had to keep pushing him away, or she wasn't the only one who'd probably end up dead in a few days. Financing or leasing will end up costing much more than just purchasing a unit itself. As you walk up Ash Lane don't take the first gate signposted Tara Center or you'll end up on the woodland walk. Whatever dress you end up buying, feel confident in the knowledge that your wedding day is more about your connection with people and your wedding vows than any flowers, venue, or dress. Whichever you end up making, I hope it brings some zest to your Yuletide feast. Depending on its type, a sentence consists of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses. In this usage, a noun … As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when creating a composite of Southwestern designs for your home, so you end up with the type of décor you want. If you can get past initial sticker shock, you'll end up with a high-quality, durable product that will last for several years. ‘"Last year marked the tail end of a bad downturn in the electronics business, " he says.’. Depending on the social circle you are involved in, you may decide to donate money to a charitable organization in lieu of giving favors that will end up lost or discarded within days of your wedding. If you give away liberal shots of tequila at the door you'll end up with a few ' technical ' problems. If you eat too many carbs, you'll end up feeling sluggish and have trouble concentrating in your classes. It's up to you. ‘He held his end up gracefully, and even more kudos to him for being able to flirt in a foreign language.’ ‘You have to be able to keep your end up in an argument and show that your position is consistent.’ ‘The girls keep their end up but are really in a different league.’ RELATED ( 4 ) ended up in a skip. Cook choux pastry in a medium heat and you will probably end up with a tray of rather chewy flat biscuits. Please turn in the report by the end of the month. Many Bulldogs end up in rescues because a dog owner did not understand the commitment of Bulldog ownership. 2. Another word for wind up. Not ending a sentence with a preposition is a bit of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put. Think back to prior holiday celebrations: things probably didn't end up as badly as you had anticipated. Catalogs can get to be a hassle when you end up on too many mailing lists. How to use end up in a sentence. Either one will give your room the right accent and ensure you end up with the modern touch you want. However, if you can use those Christmas stamps to make embellishments on every layout in a 20 page scrapbook, you easily end up saving $10 to $20 on this one project. If you end up having trouble with the shoot because you are too embarassed, remember that you're with a partner you care about and that you are trying to have a good time. What to Know. You must be careful, however, as you could unintentionally end up stuck with someone else's unfixed problems, e.g., poor steering, malfunctioning plumbing or a non-functional air conditioner, to name a few. Still, it is easy to start shopping for a modestly priced digital camera and end up buying an $800 model. Both ‘put up with’ and ‘hard to come by’ are commonly accepted informal phrases, and it’s OK to end sentences with them. I get up at 6:30. There are several different factors that can influence the decorating decisions you make in your living room, and the only rule is that you end up with a living room that is truly you. Sit up straight. Please wake me up at 6 tomorrow morning. Do not leave printers unattended, as a jam could end up ruining a large number of invites or wasting ink. end up in a sentence Fiennes will end up with that rarer commodity called artistic satisfaction. Whether it's an unintentional bikini slip while a star is on vacation or a high-profile wardrobe mishap during a publicized event, many celebrities end up flashing a lot more skin than they had originally intended. I think she'll end up as a Warrior, Damian answered. It felt like long ago he'd entered Tiyan at Memon's orders, never knowing where he'd end up. It was for Katie and someone else, someone you killed. Too small a unit and the keys get crammed onto a small keypad, and if your finger is too big you'll end up pressing several keys instead of one. end up in a coma. She fled with her children, moving from neighbor to neighbor and ending up in a friend's basement. Will he continue his ‘winning’ streak, or will this tour (and his career) end up being a big fat loss? No matter what you end up buying for Easter this year, your daughter will feel like a million dollars if you affirm how beautiful she looks in her dress on this special day. end up in a coma. When the back-saw is used for ripping, the wood is held in the vise, end up. Prices went up. Example Sentences. French Dutch Croatian Italian Swedish German Czech Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Norwegian Russian Indonesian It can be tough to juggle busy work schedules with course deadlines and assignments, but it's one way to end up with less debt and help offset tuition costs. With everything so uncertain at the moment, the worst-case scenario would be to end up with nothing. : He writes in a confounding way that always makes me end up thinking that he is a raving buffoon or a extraordinarily perceptive genius. When putting together a soup or casserole, for instance, there's some room to add a little more here, a little less there, and you can still end up with something delicious. Ask yourself: when you make a statement, does it sound more like a question because your voice gets higher at the end of the sentence? If there is more than one person in a household who orders from the same company, you might end up on the mailing list more than once. Brandon didn't act much different at the apartment, but he always seemed to end up in the chair beside her at the table. Decorating an Easter bunny cake with marshmallows is a great holiday activity for kids that serves two purposes - it keeps them busy during the rainy spring days and you end up with a delicious dessert decorated for the Easter holiday. 188+3 sentence examples: 1. What I know is that our fates will end up in Darian's hands. Sentences Menu. Practice: Three ways to end a sentence. If not, you may end up using significant amounts of water to keep them green. Well, then the chances are good that you'll end up with mixed results. He's seriously putting me to sleep. wearing pigtails, cornrows or tight rollers that end up pull on the hair can scar the scalp and cause permanent hair loss. Who could have predicted that this 2001 first round NFL Draft pick would end up serving time in Leavenworth just a short time later? Most of my cooking is done by " instinct ". However, if you get a group to make it, then you end up with a personalized group gift that will be treasured for years. – Andrew Leach ♦ Jan 25 '13 at 15:03 Similar words: end up with , stand up , wind up , round up , stand up to , stand up for , on duty , hold up . A low introductory rate for twelve months may end up saving you more in interest charges than a zero percent interest rate for only three or six months. At many weddings, even attractive programs end up discarded after the ceremony. 21 to no. Define end up. At present, honest policyholders end up paying over the odds in premiums to cover monies lost to fraudulent activity. Many men end up wearing diapers unable to ever have sex again. How did he end up on the bankrupt celebrities list? This can have serious consequences for the victim since he or she can end up with false information in his or her medical file which could lead to misdiagnoses and mistakes in future treatment. slaughtered carcasses together with subclinical cases will end up in the rendering industry in increasing numbers. She got up late. You might end up with a dress that is stitched in the wrong places, or doesn't fit right. Playing with a cat when he is exhibiting "leave me alone" signals is likely to end up with a few hisses and a feline sulk. She hadn't thought so, but then again, she never expected to end up in Hell. Try to be as open as possible and you may end up with some great photos in the end. Without it, you could end up spending big dollars on braces down the line. While some favors may end up in the back of a drawer, your guests will think of you every time they hit the course or take a drink. You can also search for the brands you like, and usually end up with a choice of shops that carry those labels. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Some cardholders will end up paying more in fees and interest than they will actually get back through the rebates, making the rebate less valuable to the cardholder. Instead, only write down the things that you must do- not the things you'd like to do This way, you're guaranteed not to end up with a lengthily list (there usually aren't that many things that need to be done right away). The files do end up in the cups spool directory. identity cards in Britain could end up being New Labor's poll tax. Acquainting yourself with the most popular tablet PCs will give you several points of reference, regardless of what type of tablet you end up purchasing.

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